The biggest GIS Conference of 2017 in WTC Rotterdam


The ESRI GIS Conference of this year took place on 20 and 21 September 2017 at the Postillion Conference Centre in WTC Rotterdam. ESRI GIS Conference is the biggest yearly GIS- event in The Netherlands. GIS is an abbreviation for Geographic Information System, an information system with which (aerial) data or information about geographical objects (so called geo- information) can be stored, managed, altered, analysed, integrated and presented.

During the conference there was special attention for user stories. Visitors were able to attend presentations about asset management, chain collaboration, living environment, smart communities, inspiration & innovation and 3D. Next to real life stories, there were also technical presentations and expert round tables concerning a variety of subjects. An all-round event with an inspiring program and amongst other things, numerous stands and theme pavilions from companies in the GIS- sector.

The company Alliander has won the Dutch ‘Enterprise GIS Award’ at the ESRI GIS Conference 2017, awarded by the CEO of ESRI Netherlands, Ed van Ingen. The award is an acknowledgement for the continuous developments of the company in relations to the use of geo-information.