Jan Dirk Stouten on his way to the Coolsingel


Jan Dirk Stouten, mostly known as a reporter and presenter, started his own company in 2001 while working for RTV Rijnmond. He and his team will occupy his new office in the World Trade Center Rotterdam on 1 May. Jan Dirk says that “I take almost all my decisions on my gut feeling, and this one was no exception. I wanted to work in the center of the city in which I was born and where my roots lie.”

Talks, writes and organizes
“My first business card said ‘talks, writes and organizes’, and actually not much has changed. We find facilitators, presenters and guest speakers for about 125 business gatherings every year. We work with all kinds of events – conferences about the future of the inland waterways in the Netherlands, the Rotterdam Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the local soccer club’s sponsor evenings. I myself do about 75 meetings a year. I have also become the head editor of the Friends in Business business platform and am co-founder and head producer of the first commercial regional internet broadcaster in the Netherlands, Recht uit Rotterdam (right from Rotterdam). Further, I am the initiator of Meer dan Werk, an organization that works intensively for six weeks with people on welfare to fast-track them into paid work.”

WTC Rotterdam
“When I reached the point of actively looking for a new premises, I placed a message on LinkedIn. Within a week, I had received more than one hundred offers. Amazingly, WTC Rotterdam was the very first, responding within a couple of minutes. Even before we started talking, my gut feeling said ‘do it’. I very much wanted to be in the heart of ‘my’ city. Luckily, my colleagues liked the WTC Rotterdam too and when I felt good about the people who represented WTC Rotterdam, the deal was done.”

The World Trade Center Rotterdam is very happy to welcome Jan Dirk Stouten. Angélique van Hienen, Managing Director WTC Rotterdam explains that “Jan Dirk Stouten is an icon for the city of Rotterdam, just as he is for WTC. We saw a good match immediately. Jan Dirk is very committed to what he does and greatly supports the WTC. We see plenty of opportunity for collaboration and are putting our efforts into a long-lasting partnership.”

For more information about office space in the World Trade Center Rotterdam, please phone 010-405 4416 or send an email to offices@wtcrotterdam.com. For more information about Jan Dirk Stouten’s companies, see www.jandirkstouten.nl and www.meerdanwerk.nl.

Jan Dirk Stouten, director/owner of JDS, together with Angélique van Hienen, Managing Director WTC Rotterdam.